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My professional portfolio of 40 years of work in different areas of knowledge and geographic regions of the planet, with certificates, videos and sample files of Projects carried out for download, is the result of intense and dedicated multidisciplinary and team work.

The consolidated metrics are very significant and sometimes unique. And we are very proud of our efforts & results. Our personal metrics in Territorial Management amount to over 30 million km2 in Tropical Forests (especially in the Amazon), 3.8 million km2 in Agriculture, Environment and Hydrology, 11,000 km2 in Urban Areas and 6,500 km in Highways and Infrastructure . And over 50,000 h of Project Management. Also, the VERSATILITY of issues is a strong asset of my career. All this to offer Real Solutions that generate benefits and always Innovating with Experience!

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PARAGUAY - Projects structured by UWC Consulting for Paraguay under the JAHUPI PARAGUAY PROGRAM consider 
TERRITORIAL MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES / HOUSING, AGRICULTURE & FOOD SECURITY, SANITATION, WELL BEING & HEALTHCARE, CLEAN ENERGIES, INFRASTRUCTURE & LOGISTICS arise to about USD $ 95 billion and benefit the whole country. A first flavour of this Program can be known under www.jahupiparaguay.com


BRAZIL - For Brazil, the FENIX and HELIUS Humanitarian Projects were structured.

  • FENIX 

    • Territorial management of Brazil at the scale of 1:10,000, the Territorial Reference and Monitoring of the Territorial Dynamics at the county level, to help Local Sustainable Development;

    • Aerial Combat of Forest Fires in a region of approximately 5 million km2 in Tropical Forest, Savanah Cerrado and Caatinga biomes. 

    • Aerial Transport of Organs and Human Tissues.


    • Sustainable Communities for 3,000 - 5,000 families with complete innovative infrastructure, including Healthcare, Education, Security, Commerce & Services, and local Agriculture for food generation. Also considers strategies to generate employment and possibilities for entrepreneurs.