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OUR SERVICES (including via internet).

Currently I am focused in Project Design & Management for the creation and implementation of Humanitarian, Non-Refundable and Investment Projects. In addition to Consulting, Mentoring, Partnerships and Business Development. Always considering the Sustainability triad: environmentally correct, economically viable and socially fair.

Together with leading partners that operate worldwide, we offer the possibility of Design & Management of Integrated Projects that include Project Management Office (PMO), PMP certified Professionals, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Legal Advisory, Innovative Technologies & Management, for differente cultures and geographies.

Our main areas of action and solutions are briefly described down under. 

Current times are demanding innovative, multidisciplinary, integrated, self-sustainable projects. To decide better, reduce losses, among others. For that, professionals with versatile profiles, not only in Engineering, but also in the management of teams and of proven professional and management experience, are imperative. This is our DNA and focus!.

Through our Multidisciplinary Experience and Networking, we assign and integrate teams of internationally renowned specialists and partner companies, innovating with validated technologies and experiences, versatility, to offer the best tailor-made design solutions. Solutions at least the size of the problems to be addressed. Efficient and effective teamwork is our “modus operandi”. The main areas of action are:

  • Territorial Management / Monitoring - Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques for Territorial References (Cartography from 1: 125,000 to the scale of 1: 500) in Environment, Agriculture, Infrastructure & Logistics (highlighting 3D Topography by LiDAR), and Urban / Rural Development; Geographic Knowledge Systems; this is the correct and necessary basis for Infrastructure Projects and monitoring of urban and rural territorial dynamics; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Knowledge Systems (GKS); Aerial Combat of Forest Fires, Airborne Humanitarian Operations, Aerial Transport of Human Organs & Tissues, Disaster Assessment;

  • Constructive Management Sustainable Communities - Social Urbanism, Complete Community Concept, Construction Methods, Infrastructure, Alternative Energy, Waste and Waste Recycling, Local Agriculture / Animal Protein / Fish Farming, Education and Local Sustainable Economic Development; visit www.inovohsystem.com


  • Agriculture and Food Security - Agribusiness Chain (Agricultural and Agrarian), Agroindustry, Agricultural Corridors, Production Systems; reducing/eliminating loss and wastes in the chain;

  •  Clean Water and Sanitation  - Artesian Wells, Drainage Systems including Flood Control, Effluent /Sewage Treatment Stations (ETEs) and Water Reuse, Garbage and Waste Recycling;

  • Health and Well-being - Nutrition and Preventive Care, Social Medicine and Community Health, Emergency and Urgency Health Centers, ICU Ambulance Networks, Regional Hospitals, University - Hospitals;


  • Clean Energies - Hydroelectric, Photovoltaic, Eolic energies as well as Hydrogen, Biogas, Geothermal, Biomass, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Solid Wastes and Innovative Electromagnetic Sources.

  • Infrastructure and Logistics - Highways, Roads, Side Roads, Bridges, Ports, Airports, Trains, Urban Mobility, River Dredging.